Force of Will: L3 - Return of the Dragon Emporer
- 1 Box: $120.00 (+GST)
-- 1x Captain Hook Promo
-- 6 Promo Points

- 3 Box: $355.00 (+GST)
-- 3x Captain Hook Promo
-- 1x Playmat
-- 1x FoW Bag
-- 20 Promo Points

- 4 Box: $470.00 (+GST)
-- 4x Captain Hook Promo
-- 1x Playmat
-- 1x FoW Bag
-- 26 Promo Points

- 6 Box: $700.00 (+GST)
-- 6x Captain Hook Promo
-- 2x Playmat
-- 2x FoW Bag
-- 44 Promo Points


- Booster Box: $230.00
-Two Boxes: $455.00
- Case (4 Boxes): $900.00


- March 18, 2017 - Release Draft Event


- Booster Box: $120.00
- Bundle: $35.00
- Planeswalker Deck: $15.00


- Booster Box + Bundle: $150.00
- Booster Case: $690.00


- April 15, 2017: MTG Open Game Day
- April 22, 2017: Amonkhet Pre-Release (Sealed)
- April 23, 2017: Amonkhet Pre-Release (Twin-Headed)
- May 13, 2017: Amonkhet Standard Showdown
- May 20, 2017: Amonkhet Game Day (Standard)

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Game Articles

Force of Will Return of the Dragon Emperor Pre-Release Rule Questions

Hello and welcome to my article about the pre-release event for Return of the Dragon Emperor!

In this article, I will be going over some of the questions that came up, rulings wise, most of which were pertaining to the [Resonance] effect. At our pre-release event, we had a turnout of fourteen different players, some of which were very new to the game, so naturally multiple questions came up.

Pauper at The Gaming Vault: An Introduction

Good day to you all, my name is Scott and this is my introductory article to the world of Pauper Magic at the Gaming Vault.

An Introduction and A Rotation

Hello and welcome to my debut article on Dice Masters for the Gaming Vault. I’ve been playing Dice Masters for since around June of 2016. Since that time my wife and I have amassed a fairly sizable collection from every set except Avengers vs X-Men.

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I've been playing games for a lot of years. Most of those years at least semi-competitively. I love tabletop games. My current favorites are: Force of Will, Magic the Gathering, Guild Ball, Warmachine, and an assortment of Board Games (Argent the Consortium is the best one though).