What are Promo Points?

Promo points are a system we use in some of our events to distribute promotional cards for the following games:

  • Force of Will
  • Dice Masters

How do you get Promo Points?

The only thing required for you to earn Promo Points is to show up to the events for appropriate games. When you enter the event you automatically receive Promo Points that you can spend freely to acquire cards from our Promo Binder.

How many points do I get per event?

It is dependent on the game or event your attending. But, on average for a regularly weekly scheduled event. But, on average the points are calculated on the following:

  • You receive points equal to the number of people minus your standing plus one
    • 12 Person Event
      • 3rd Place in Event
        • You receive: 10 Points (12 (# of Players) – (3 (Placement) + 1)
  • You will always receive a MINIMUM number of points (you will always get this many points regardless of placement):
    • Dice Masters: 4 Points
    • Force of Will: 5 Points

Cool where can I look at how many points I have?

https://tinyurl.com/TGVPromoPoints (Click Here)

Currently Supported Games

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I've been playing games for a lot of years. Most of those years at least semi-competitively. I love tabletop games. My current favorites are: Force of Will, Magic the Gathering, Guild Ball, Warmachine, and an assortment of Board Games (Argent the Consortium is the best one though).