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Blake’s Weekly Rant – TCG Player’s Make No Sense

Blake’s Weekly Rant – Topic: Value.
– “But, what’s a card really worth? That’s an interesting question to be honest. I have a question for you, we’ll use my own collection of Force of Will as an example. I have a near perfect collection, highest rarity of almost every card (the monetary value of most averaging about $5.00 upwards to $100). This collection contains thousands of cards. So, what is this collection monetarily worth? The truth is it’s actually worth nothing.”

Who? What? Where? When? Why?

Hi, my name is Blake Leasak and I am the sole owner of The Gaming Vault in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. At the end of the day I am just a guy who has played tabletop games on a semi-competitive level since a very young age (Probably ~10 years old or so).

New Website!

Welcome to our New Website!   It’s currently under construction but, we’ll be adding more and more content everyday. Stay tuned & watch us grow 🙂