Force of Will: L3 - Return of the Dragon Emporer
- 1 Box: $120.00 (+GST)
-- 1x Captain Hook Promo
-- 6 Promo Points

- 3 Box: $355.00 (+GST)
-- 3x Captain Hook Promo
-- 1x Playmat
-- 1x FoW Bag
-- 20 Promo Points

- 4 Box: $470.00 (+GST)
-- 4x Captain Hook Promo
-- 1x Playmat
-- 1x FoW Bag
-- 26 Promo Points

- 6 Box: $700.00 (+GST)
-- 6x Captain Hook Promo
-- 2x Playmat
-- 2x FoW Bag
-- 44 Promo Points


- Booster Box: $230.00
-Two Boxes: $455.00
- Case (4 Boxes): $900.00


- March 18, 2017 - Release Draft Event


- Booster Box: $120.00
- Bundle: $35.00
- Planeswalker Deck: $15.00


- Booster Box + Bundle: $150.00
- Booster Case: $690.00


- April 15, 2017: MTG Open Game Day
- April 22, 2017: Amonkhet Pre-Release (Sealed)
- April 23, 2017: Amonkhet Pre-Release (Twin-Headed)
- May 13, 2017: Amonkhet Standard Showdown
- May 20, 2017: Amonkhet Game Day (Standard)

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Who I Am and How To Play Pokemon

My name is Karen Fullowka. I was first exposed to Pokemon TCG 17 years ago. Back then all I did was collect the cards. It wasn’t until my husband taught me, that I learned to actually play the card game in 2009,when we had a card store of our own. I learned to play World of Warcraft, Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Vampire: The Eternal Struggle. Over the years I only kept playing Pokemon because I found it to be a fun game with enough challenge in the deck building and execution to keep my interest.

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I've been playing games for a lot of years. Most of those years at least semi-competitively. I love tabletop games. My current favorites are: Force of Will, Magic the Gathering, Guild Ball, Warmachine, and an assortment of Board Games (Argent the Consortium is the best one though).